Barry Chiorello has been producing events since 1987.  He founded Barry Chiorello Events Management & Marketing in 1994 and renamed the company Second Story Productions, LLC in 2005.  The firm specializes in Strategic Event Design, Event Management, Event Marketing, and Sponsorship Development & Sales for festivals, fundraisers, promotional events, corporate celebrations, arts and entertainment. 

They have grown events for the Trenton Downtown Association, the New Jersey State Bar Association, Princeton Shopping Center, Forrestal Village Factory Outlet Center, The Old Barracks Museum, the United Way, and the Mercer County Italian American Festival Association – for a new festival in 2000 which they helped to grow to attendance of 100,000 in just four years and for which they developed and implemented a new sponsorship program resulting in increased revenue for the event 

Barry Chiorello and company’s experience includes management of the Battles of Trenton Revolutionary War Reenactment and Celebration where they enhanced the design and improved the logistics and marketing of the event; management of the Capital City Market, a lunchtime outdoor farmers and artists market featuring entertainment; management of the Heritage Days Festival in Trenton; creation and management of promotional events for Forrestal Village Factory Outlet Center; creation and management of the 100th Anniversary Celebration for the New Jersey State Bar  Association.  They produce and promote concerts; design and manage corporate celebrations and fundraising events; and create and sell sponsorships for all types of events.  They have produced events in Waterfront Park-Trenton’s minor league baseball stadium, on downtown streets, in parks, in shopping centers, in corporate headquarters and in empty factory buildings.

Barry Chiorello’s Second Story Production’s expertise includes public relations and marketing.  They have generated national coverage for local and regional events on CNN and in national magazine PRIMO and internationally on the Internet.  They have generated regional coverage, both pre and post event, from New York to Philadelphia in print and broadcast media.

Barry Chiorello’s Second Story Productions takes a three-prong approach when designing and managing events.  They look at their clients’ mission and goals; they look at participant needs and concerns; and they look at target audience members and the best way to attract them and generate the desired result.

Second Story Productions believes that whether an event is designed to build business, enhance a city or organization’s image, increase tourism, or raise funds, each event should create a magical experience in people.  “We believe that our events should exceed people’s expectations.  In staff and volunteers we look for people who are enthusiastic and passionate about being of service to people.  After all the planning and development is done, it's the people that really matter.  They are the heart and soul of an event," says Chiorello.  "We like to make sure that they are touched by the event."

Barry Chiorello, principal of the firm, has studied with event producers in New York City and has earned a Certificate in Sports and Special Event Marketing from New York University.  He is a member of the International Festival & Events Association Northeast Region Advisory Council.  Mr. Chiorello and Second Story Productions have received several awards including an Astra Award for his design of a television advertisement for volunteer recruitment, and Middie Awards from the International Festival and Events Association for Event Website Design and Sponsorship Solicitation Package Development.