Barry Chiorello’s Second Story Productions, LLC creates events from the heart, guided by return on investment.  We are an award-winning full service events company.  Our services include strategic event design; event management; event marketing; sponsorship development and sales; and event coaching and consulting.  You may engage us to develop your event from creation to post-event follow-up, providing you with all of our services, or you may choose to engage us for one or more specific disciplines.  Whichever you choose, our services will be from the heart, guided by return on investment, generating the highest return for your event. 

Want to create an event but don’t know where to start?  Have an existing event that you want to grow?  We will help you create a new event or update an existing one from the ground up—one that makes sense for your organization and your goals and one that is poised for success.  Festival, fundraiser, promotional event, tourism event, whatever the case, we will help you to create the right event with the right appeal for your audience and your goals. We combine our expertise on identifying the right type of event for your organization with our creativity so that your event will be uniquely suited to your organization.  We design all aspects of the event so that production goes smoothly and successfully.

We will handle all the details from planning to implementation and follow-up.  Event logistics, event layout, entertainment selection and booking, vendor relations, technical requirements, décor, set-up, strike, staffing, and volunteer management--we handle it all with pride, professionalism, enthusiasm, and passion.   

We will effectively promote your event to your desired audience members with the correct methodology and media for your event, your audience and your bottom line.  Combining advertising, public relations and direct marketing expertise we will reach your targeted audience and grow your attendance. 

We develop sponsorships that make sense for your event, your potential sponsors and your audience, truly creating a win-win-win situation for your organization, your sponsorship partners, and your audience members.  Our sponsorships generate income for your organization and a high return on investment for your sponsors.  We identify potential sponsors and seamlessly integrate them into your event.  A sampling of the sponsors with whom we have worked is listed below.